Crest fixing fasteners. Little chance of leaking
Galvanized sheet columns and rafters Superior rust protection, no maintenance
All steel design stronger, consistent quality, more flexibility of design
Engineered (including foundation design) Professionally designed to meet local conditions.
 Delivery to job site We can arrange freight anywhere in the lower 48 states.
More usable interior space The truss follows the roof line, the end girts fit inside the frames, straight columns.
Very flexible design options Multiple choices for exterior, interior finishes
Customized building without the custom price We offer sizes, which can be varied by 6” increments.
100 times better rust protection Galvanized framing and sub-framing assemblies
100% recyclable material  All our light gauge steel material is 100 % recyclable
No hazardous material We don’t use any hazardous material in our framing material
Instruction manual We offer erection manuals to our building customers
Flexible siding and roofing options to meet most Covenant Restriction's.  Our structure can be adapted to accept different roofing and siding options.
Meets hurricane standards Our special cyclonic fasteners are far superior to the market in protecting roofing from extreme uplifts and vibrations created by cyclonic winds.
Easy to finish interior  We have a horizontal stud wall assembly which allows us to adapt our design to accept interior finish at a very low cost to the consumer.
Simple bolt together and Tec screw frame. Our light weight bolt-together building system reduces the need for special equipment and inspections saving lots of $$$ for the customer.
No welding, No wood, No rotting, No termites, No problems We guarantee our buildings for life against termite damage.
Complete structure.
Color printed layouts personalized quotes, drawings given to the customer while they wait.
Written quotes in minutes.