1. Work with a Gold Coast Outback Steel Buildings representative to design a building to suit your needs.
  2. The design is sent to engineering to create the two sets of "wet" stamped blueprints for your building and foundation.
  3. Apply for a permit to build your building.
    1. permit regulations vary by County and State, start investigating the requirements in your area as soon as you have decided to add a building to your property.
  4. Make arrangements to have the building erected.
  5. Your permit returns from your county and then your representative orders your building.
  6. Building is delivered to your site.
  1. Snow loading, wind speed, exposure, soil density variances, etc.
  2. Aesthetics.
    1. Windows.
    2. Trim.
    3. Siding Choices.
  1. For overhead doors you need 24” additional height for door track and 12” on each side for the side door track.
    1. What are you putting in the building? If your boat and trailer have a combined height of 10 feet, you need to plan on a building with 12 foot doors
  2. Consider a canister door to save space.

  1. ACT Dimensions™ allows your representative to accurately design a building to your specifications. The program instantly calculates the price of the finished product (no more waiting days or weeks for a bid). With ACT Dimensions™ we can design the building which fits your needs AND budget too!